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Nothing’s ever changed, you still turn away

You’ve washed your hands, you’ve made that all too clear

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Name:Ryou Bakura
Website:The Dreams Born, Fears Subside Saga
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Companion journal for [personal profile] twinpharaohs, from the Wrath & Reason AU/The Dreams Born, Fears Subside Saga. They are thusly AU.

Note: If you're wondering why Yami Bakura is called "Malik" on this journal, that resulted from a mix-up on his mun's part when she was first getting into Yu-Gi-Oh!. She was unaware of who Marik Ishtar was at the time and, when she read a fic that mentioned Marik and Ryou Bakura living together (where Marik was referred to as "Malik"), she thought the author meant Yami Bakura. Naturally she's quite embarassed about this, however, the name stuck for the DBFS Saga, so she hasn't changed it.

Contact Post
Now that Bakura has returned to Dominion City, he is available to contact again. :) Previously he had gone incommunicado, and could only be contacted via clairvoyance or magic. Of course, he can still be contacted this way...

In 1st person interactions or Journal entries...
Cyan Text (#70abbe for light-on-dark, #284e59 for dark-on-light) is Bakura speaking/writing
Navy Text (#4f6984 for light-on-dark, #212d63 for dark-on-light) is Malik speaking/writing

In 3rd person interactions...
Cyan Text (#70abbe for light-on-dark, #284e59 for dark-on-light) is Bakura communicating internally with Malik
Navy Text (#4f6984 for light-on-dark, #212d63 for dark-on-light) is Malik communicating internally with Bakura

☥ ☥ ☥

❈ Notes: Ryou Bakura
❈ Notes: Yami Bakura/Malik

DBFS Stories Featuring Bakura & Malik
Installment I: For Tomorrow We Die (Link leads to chapter log)
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